The mark of Cain

Genesis 4:15 “Then the Lord said to him, “Not so! If anyone kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” And the Lord put a mark on Cain, lest any who found him should attack him.”

The mark that God applied to Cain is a question that could have endless possibilities. To get a possible answer to this question we must research the statement made in Genesis 4:15. Cain had killed his brother Abel out of anger that God was not pleased with his offering as he was with his own, he was jealous more or less. After God found out about Cain killing his brother Abel, he sentenced Cain to be cursed from the earth. After his punishment Cain became overwhelmed and concerned for his safety, but quickly God informed him that he would not be killed, rather he would have to flee from his current land and most importantly of all in this case, the Lord set a MARK on Cain. What is the mark you ask? Many scholars believe that it was one of the first “tattoos” while others believe it was a physical deformity. Another question we cannot help but wonder is why did Cain not suffer any more punishment than what he did? After all he did commit murder. The reason I myself believe along with many scholars is that Cain was still the descendant of Adam after all and without him the human race could not properly multiply. Some different translations qualify him as a “fugitive” or “wanderer” which in certain aspects is true being that he went on to build cities of his own being that he could not stay where he was. There are many possibilities for what the MARK that was applied to Cain actually was, was it a physical mark? Was it a form of tattoo? Or was it simply a sign that when other people saw Cain they knew he was protected by God? No one really knows the true meaning of the mark applied to Cain, however with the three main conclusions we can make, we as people should be able to deceiver which one makes the most since to us personally and if you will “spiritually.”


About ethanponder

My name is Ethan Ponder, I am from Cullman Alabama. Currently a student at Jacksonville State University where I am studying Liberal Studies.
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