Engineered to Move Heaven and Earth?

Recently while watching television I saw a commercial for a Dodge truck that displayed a truck that is treading on rough “unsettled” terrain, hauling heavy objects and of course displaying all of the new bells and whistles that come with the new model. Toward the end of the commercial the announcer says, “Engineered to move heaven and earth “. At first I didn’t really give it much thought about the commercial being an allusion, but then it hit me, what exactly do those statement’s mean to the people of the world? And why would a car company use such lingo to emphasize the power and versatility of a truck? The commercial makes it seem like the new Dodge can move heaven and earth to conserve gas and make a given distance shorter. I think that instantly when someone mentions the word heaven, your mind goes to something not of this world, and focuses on the center of that world, and focuses on the center of heaven, with the center of that world being God. While heaven can represent many different things to many different people, most think of it as a place of rest or a place of good. Heaven to most is the place in which the most powerful beings in the universe are thought to reside, and upon use of the word the announcer can convey for the company, on behalf of the truck, that it is in fact powerful, and is almost out of this world in its quality.

This commercial is full of allusions, while watching it you can even see how the company is trying to depict end times type of scenarios. I believe that Dodge integrated all of these biblical allusions into this commercial because they hit home with a wide variety of people, and convey a powerful message to the public about their product that they are trying to sell. The icing on the cake would have to be at the end of the commercial when the powerful figure steps out of the truck and says, “The road doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning.” With this statement the company again strengthens their allusion in that in fact they see the truck as being super powerful or even a truck of the gods.


About ethanponder

My name is Ethan Ponder, I am from Cullman Alabama. Currently a student at Jacksonville State University where I am studying Liberal Studies.
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