Be Sure to be Properly Seasoned?

While reading through the book of Colossians I stumbled upon verses 5 and 6 located in chapter 4 of Colossians which states, “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” I believe that this verse gives an overall insight to the way in which a follower of Christ should conduct one’s self to others whom are outside of the faith, however, to others reading this passage I believe it would be easily taken out of context in the way in which the apostle Paul instructs the recipients of this letter to be “seasoned,” so to speak. “But what does Paul mean when he says “Seasoned with Salt” … Jesus used Salt to express how we as Christians would be Salted with fire (Holy Spirit) which means we would be fiery or passionate. Jesus goes on to say that if salt loses its flavor, we would not use it on our food therefore if we as Christians lose the salt (passion) we are useless to the Ministry. Mark 10:49-50” Paul in saying “Seasoned with salt” is using an expression that has been used before this by those who he is striving to be like and striving to spread the word of, like Jesus. I believe that Paul used this analogy because it is something that is well known to the audience reading it. Most everyone in the world is familiar to the way in which salt will enhance the flavor of just about anything it is applied to which gives the relativity for Paul’s statements. It is also clear that Paul is giving instructions to those who are receiving this letter that there will be others coming to them that will be sent by Paul himself, and Paul almost gives instruction to the people reading the letter on how to conduct themselves to those that are coming to them. “If the grace of humor brightens, the salty grace of being gracious makes speech pleasant and persuasive. If love be the ruling motive, graciousness will be the sure outcome. Love is the best seasoning and the most persuasive pleader in all conversation.” These verses found in Colossians are not only a theological discussion based simply on the way in which believers of Christ should conduct themselves to other believers but the statements in chapters 5 and 6 of Colossians are sort of an off branch of the golden rule in the way in which one should conduct oneself to others. Once again the Bible contains an important lesson, not only to believers, but to the entire human race.

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