The Earth was Created with Water?

While reading through the book of 2 Peter, I read a verse that sort of boggled my mind in the sense of the way in which Peter described a particular event from the Old Testament. In 2 Peter chapter 3 verses 5 the Bible states, “For they deliberately overlook this fact, that the heavens existed long ago, and the earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God.” This verse got my mind churning in the way in which the earth was formed according to the Bible. We know through the Bible that God put everything into existence, but it is common thought amongst Christians that God created the earth according to what is written in Genesis in the first chapter. “for as these men were such as had professed Christianity, and had the advantage of revelation, and had the opportunity of reading the Scriptures, they might have known that the heavens and the earth were from the beginning; and that they were made by the word of God; and that the earth was originally in such a position and situation as to be overflowed with a flood, and that it did perish by a general inundation; and that the present heavens and earth are kept and reserved for a general burning; and it might be discerned in nature, that there are preparations making for an universal conflagration; but all this they chose not to know, and affected ignorance of.” I like the way in which this individual sets up this verse in that from the beginning God knew ultimately that he would destroy the wicked of the world with a flood that would engulf the entire earth. Peter sort of draws from this belief in the way he lays out his verse, Peter sort of explains the earth after the flood as the beginning of the earth much like it was with Adam and Eve. Peter then goes on to explain in his letter that like from the beginning of time the earth was going to be destroyed. The first time the earth was destroyed with water, and as Peter goes on to explains the earth will ultimately be destroyed with fire on the Day of Judgment. “Peter’s first argument is that the world is not eternally stable. The point he is making is that the ancient world was destroyed by water, just as the present world is going to be destroyed by fire. The detail of this passage is, however, difficult.” I agree in the way in which this source explains similarly the way in which I comprehend the scripture. The verse is indeed difficult to understand exactly what Peter is trying to explain, and the point he is trying to get across to his readers. Ultimately, I believe from the research presented, that Peter wasn’t necessarily dwelling on the way in which the earth was created but rather trying to get his point across to his audience that the end was in fact near.

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