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As we all know this class’ goal is to discussion the Bible simply as a work of literature with the effort of trying to avoid theological discussions. (Which I will say I believe we do this rather well). Most of us in the class are un-aware of the others faith or “denomination,” or even if they belong to a church at all. I will divulge some personal information and say that I am not a member of the “Baptist” sect of Christianity. You should know however that I am a Christian and I am a member of a church, the sect of Christianity I will not disclose, I’ll let you figure it out on your own. With that being said I have wanted to do this for a while and I am quite excited about researching the “Baptist” faith. Why you ask? Well, mostly because many, many of my close friends are of the “Baptist” denomination which has always intrigued me to try and spot the differences between my sect and theirs. “The Baptist tradition is one of the largest of the Protestant Christian denominations. Most Baptist churches agree with the basic Protestant doctrines, but they stress the belief that only Christian believers should be baptized (called “believer’s baptism”) and that this baptism should occur by immersion, a practice they trace back to the early Church.” Like any other denomination the Baptist church has its fair share of differences between different sects even within the Baptist faith. Many of my friends are from different sects of the Baptist faith and many will argue over something as simple as one single verse in the Bible that accounts for less than .5% of the Bible, it’s silly really. Not picking on the Baptist faith whatsoever, this is a problem across the board that I have personally seen across all denominations, mostly in the way in which different aspects of the Bible are translated amongst believers. I wanted to know though, how in fact the Baptist church got its start. Much like the Catholic Church many people of the Baptist faith claim they can trace the church lineage back hundreds and hundreds of years. This quote is particularly helpful in understand just where the Baptism church originated. “In years past, some folks affirmed that a church was begun by John the Baptist during his personal ministry. However, we find that most have given up that idea. The New Testament does speak of a church but not until after John died. Frank S. Mead said, “It is often heard among them (Baptists, jfd) that they have no founder but Christ and that Baptists have been preaching and practicing from the days of John the Baptist. That is true in a limited sense; there were certainly men and women holding what have come to be considered distinctly Baptist principles all across the years. But as a church, or as organized churches, they began in Holland and England.” I think it’s particularly interesting that the Baptist church draws their name from John the Baptist; this is something that makes perfect since to me but prior to this I was unaware exactly where the name was from. I hope that if you are in fact of the Christian faith, we as a whole can come together and agree to disagree so to speak. “Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the Churches of Christ greet you.” (Romans 16:16)

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My name is Ethan Ponder, I am from Cullman Alabama. Currently a student at Jacksonville State University where I am studying Liberal Studies.
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